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Why try an adult group?

Looking to connect with other Christians for fellowship and growth in your faith? At Hickory Flat Church, we don’t believe that discipleship takes place by accident. We believe it happens by design. We also believe it doesn’t take place in isolation, but rather in community. Adult groups meet on campus or in each others’ homes regularly to learn from God’s Word, pray for and fellowship with each other, and grow in relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ.

We are also looking for people to lead adult groups at Hickory Flat Church. You need to be a member in good standing at Hickory Flat Church in order to lead. Regular training and support for leaders will be held during the year.
Fitness Class 
Every Thursday: Adults – All ages are invited to come to the Fitness class meeting on Thursdays from 9:30a-10:30a in the Fellowship Hall. Come exercise and make some new friends!  Let’s connect while we are staying healthy!!  Contact: Melanie Williams