Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What times are your Sunday morning services?

A. 9am Non-traditional service, with a praise team, guitars, keyboard, and drums, and an 11am Traditional service with a choir. On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate Holy Communion at both worship times.


Q. What time is Sunday school?

A. We offer Sunday school for all ages at 10am.


Sunday morning children’s classes.



Q. Do you have a Preschool?

A. Yes! Discover more about our Preschool/Kindergarten.


Q. How do I arrange a baptism for my child?

A. We baptize children of members during Sunday worship services. Baptisms are scheduled in advance by calling the church office at 770.345.5969 or email Matt Nelson.


Q. How do I become a member?

A. It’s fantastic that you’re interested! We’d love to have you join our membership. You can join by Confession of Faith, by Reaffirmation of Faith, or by Transfer of Membership.


Confession of Faith is the initial entrance into membership in the church, when a person confesses faith for the first time in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If you are not baptized you will need to be baptized and then take the vows of membership. (We recognize Baptism from all Christian churches, and your children do not need to be baptized when you join.)

Reaffirmation of Faith is the renewing of an initial confession of faith after a period of inactivity or not being on a church membership roll.

Transfer of Membership may be from another United Methodist Church or a Christian church of another denomination.

Every member commits to be actively involved in the life of the church by their prayers, their presence, their gifts and their service. If you’re ready to explore this step, call the office at 770.345.5969 or email Matt Nelson.


Q. Do you allow non-member weddings?

A. We do, depending on the church schedule. Call the church office for details, 770.345.5969.


Q. Do you offer counseling?

A. We have Stephen Ministers for Christian caregiving–a Christian friend’s support and listening ear–in certain life stages and situations.  We can also recommend Christian counseling centers.


Q. Can an outside group use the church facility?

A. We require that a member of the church unlock the building and be on hand. If your outside group would like to use the building for an activity or meeting, call the church office at 770.345.5969 or email Holly Bogatay for more information.