Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum


Our program emphasizes and prides itself on introducing many varied concepts and topics when teaching our children. While we constantly emphasize academics in lesson plans, we also have several extras or “specials” in our days.


Technology at Hickory Flat UMC Preschool and Kindergarten


All four-year-old and kindergarten classes have computer centers. Although we do not teach details of computers or use them specifically in lessons, we do use them as a tool to prepare students for the use of technology in the classrooms of elementary school. We use computers as centers to help children become more comfortable, familiar, and eager to take up their use in more structured ways once they leave preschool. Kindergarten uses the computer center to enhance the curriculum on a daily basis.


Music Curriculum


We also believe that music is a wonderful tool and outlet for preschoolers and kindergarten. Every week 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and kindergarten classes have a music class that is intended to give them an activity that will focus on fun, working together, following beats, and learning about how music can be made by instrument or by voice.


HFUMC Preschool/Kindergarten is a Christian school


As a Christian preschool and kindergarten, we obviously have a focus on religious education. Our day-to-day activities consistently emphasize Christian responses and thought in all situations. We embrace children from many varied religious backgrounds. Approximately 30% of our students are Hickory Flat UMC churchgoers. Clearly, many of our students have their own church affiliations or perhaps, sadly, no church home at all. Our goal is to introduce and reinforce the most basic and fundamental aspects of Christianity to our students. We strive to present religion in its most understandable form. This means teaching God’s unquestionable love, the need to develop values and behavior that show respect, reverence, positive helpful actions and choices with your friends in play and work, and the concept of service to others.


Our religion curriculum is taught in the classroom and provides lessons similar to a Vacation Bible School setting with stories, crafts, and/or lessons. Our curriculum clearly lists each month’s focus including personalities or Bible stories children of this age can relate to. Our goal is to reinforce and introduce concepts that will complement virtually any religious training your child may already be receiving from your family.


Science Curriculum


Our program also offers a hands-on science class to threes, fours and kindergarten once per week. Topics include water, magnets, seeds, animal tracks, owl pellets, and the springtime favorite of hatching butterflies in the classrooms.


Field Trips


While, as a program, we seldom schedule off-site field trips, we do have special programs come to the school. The Smokehouse, petting zoos, dentists or other professionals, fire trucks, etc., make visits to enhance curriculum them.