Preschool and Kindergarten Health & Safety




Hickory Flat Church Preschool has staff of approximately 27, including the Director. The variety of backgrounds and neighborhoods our staff represent offers you great support information about your upcoming years in elementary school. All staff are very active members of their school communities; PTA officers, scout leaders, church Sunday school teachers, sports association supporters, and more.


Community Connections


Our preschool places great emphasis on the concept of community and connecting with your neighbors, both as friend and in business. We parent children from two to twenty years old. We have learned a great deal from each other and through our own personal experiences offer you a tremendous resource when you have questions about your community.All children must have current immunization forms on file to attend Hickory Flat Church Preschool. Our compliance record with the Board of Health is well above the requirements.


Academically our staff also has a varied background, including certified teachers, college grads of other areas or years of experience in childcare/preschool, or the never to be underestimated career of mother. Our turnover rate is very low and less than 10% of our staff came to us unknown to anyone else on staff before their employment. Teachers are required and assistants are encouraged to take at least six hours per year of DHR classes, not including CPR/First Aid. (One of these certifications is required for all.)


We require criminal background checks of all employees and follow the Church’s policy program of Safe Sanctuary. This program includes very specific guidelines concerning who may work with children and what steps must constantly be followed to ensure the safety and well-being of children in our charge. We practice the policy of being a mandatory reporter of any concerns we have for a child’s welfare.