Renew Women’s Conference: August 17th @ 9:30am

The Women’s and Children’s Ministry Teams are very excited to announce our first Women’s Conference here at Hickory Flat! Karen Stubbs, founder of Birds on a Wire, will be our Keynote Speaker for the morning session. We will have a variety of topics for our breakout sessions like forgiveness, clutter free living, and parenting your grandchildren. See below for session topics. After lunch well have a yoga and a self-defense class. All ages of women are welcome!

Keynote Speaker: Karen Stubbs
Karen Stubbs is an author, speaker, and mom to four adult children.
In 2011, she founded Birds on a Wire, a ministry created to equip mothers with practical and Biblical truth so they can parent with confidence.
During Karen’s years as a young mom, her husband Greg served as a fighter pilot in the Navy. It was during those tough early years, as Greg served overseas during Desert Storm, that Karen grew in her reliance on God and gained a heart for mothers.
Karen is passionate about challenging moms to experience motherhood in the way God intended it for both them and their families. Everything Karen does at Birds on a Wire, from the small group curricula she writes, to her Wire Talk podcast and the weekly Tips on Motherhood emails she sends, is aimed toward encouraging and equipping moms for the toughest job they will ever have, raising their children. Karen loves teaching moms about how they can experience motherhood as God intended it.

Worship Leader: Terry Chism

Terry grew up in a Baptist home, where he sang in the church choir and played in the church orchestra. He started piano lessons in third grade and began writing and singing his own music. In high school, he found a love for rock and roll and treated his parents (nightly) to a loud rock concert as they tried to watch television.

Terry soon grew out his hair and joined a band, deciding to chase a dream of being a rock star and forgoing opportunities to go to college. He traveled with the band for a few years and eventually realized that after singing in bars, living in cheap hotels, and battling constant vocal problems, it was time to go home. This was not the glamorous life he had dreamed of.

Terry stopped playing music for over ten years. He went back to college and built his professional career around software and technology. A friend invited him back to church, where he reignited his relationship with Christ, found a passion for ministry, and a love for contemporary Christian music. He later joined the church band and was eventually called to lead the worship ministry.

Today, Terry enjoys a balance between his professional career, music, and family. He is currently leading contemporary worship at Hickory Flat United Methodist Church. He continues to write, record, and perform with other bands as a vocalist and keyboardist.

Breakout Session Speaker: Christy Bennett
Christy Bennett is an occupational therapist with twenty years experience working with children with a variety of special needs. She is especially passionate about helping children and parents understand sensory processing and how it impacts all areas of a child’s life. Through her experiences as an OT and even more so as a mother to two “sensory kiddos”, Christy created Lucy the Lapdog, a calming companion to help little ones navigate their over stimulating world.
You can hear her podcast on Wire Talk and learn more by visiting
Session Topic: Sensory Based Behaviors How to know if sensory needs are causing your child’s difficult behavior or anxieties and what you can do about it.
Breakout Session Speaker: Megan McTeer
Megan McTeer lives in Georgia with her husband and four children. She is passionate about Bible study, and will tell you that time in God’s Word is what holds her crazy life together. She believes that one of the best things you can do in your life is to look to God and reach out for more.
Session Topic: Bible Journaling: When God Calls Your Name
I want to give women a doable strategy for studying God’s Word at any time. If you to listen for God to call you, be able to pick up your Bible, sit (for any period of time), and glean something from Him just for you.
“I pray that your heart is courageous and with expectancy you look to the God who made you and seek more from Him. He is my everything, and more of Him is worth my life’s pursuit. Join with me. Let’s go after more!”
Breakout Session Speaker: Sara McFall
Sara McFall is a blogger and podcaster at who is passionate about inspiring moms to live their best lives. When she’s not on her laptop or chasing her 4 kids around, you can find her in a ballroom dance studio!
Session Topic: Forgiveness
Breakout Session Speaker: Dianne Simpson
Dianne Simpson is the mom to three mostly grown sons, 19, 23 and 26. She graduated with a BSW degree from UGA in 1990 and an MSW degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1992. She works for the Rollins Center for Language and Literacy and lives in Watkinsville, Ga with her husband, dog, and cat. In her free time, she practices yoga, walks her 95-pound lab and loves reading multiple books at the same time. From the time she was a little girl, she has loved the liberating feeling that comes with decluttering and has been on a personal journey of figuring out how to eliminate the excess to have her most beautiful and peaceful life.
Session Topic: Clutter-Free Journey
Join me taking the first step on your Clutter-Free Journey to living a beautiful, clutter-free life! On this journey, you will examine your relationship with the “stuff” in your life and how it impacts on your overall well-being. You will learn to make choices over what you invite into your home. The way we feel inside is directly reflected in our living spaces. In turn, our living spaces affect our internal well-being. By making small, steady changes in our living environment, we can change how we feel inside and make our homes and lives a reflection of what is important to us.


Breakout Session Speaker: Sue Delaney
Sue Delaney is a native of Cleveland, Georgia and has lived in Hickory Flat for 14 years. She is a retired Special Education Teacher from Lassiter High School. While there she was responsible for students with physical and medical disabilities.
Sue is married and has three grown children and three grandchildren, ages 6 months, one year and 10 years old.
For the past 10 years she has helped raise her oldest grandchild.
Session Topic: Parenting Your Grandchildren
Sue will speak about her experience as a mom and grandmother and how her life has been and the challenges she has experienced since helping raise her oldest grandson.

Breakout Session Speaker/Instructor: Karen Deas

Karen has been a fitness instructor for more than nine years and is certified in AFAA Group Exercise, SilverSneakers, and FitTour Pilates, and AHA CPR and AED.

Fitness is her life’s passion – the people, the music, the sweat – She loves it all! She realizes that a lot of people don’t love to workout and that’s okay! She became a fitness instructor in order to share the enthusiasm that she has with others in order to motivate and encourage everyone she meets to be active. It’s about being the best YOU – physically and emotionally – exercise can be a great step in achieving that goal. She wants it for you! No matter what your age is or what physical challenges you may have – come join her on a journey to good health!

Session Topic: Yoga Class (Please bring a mat or towel and dress in comfortable clothing. There will be a drop off area for your mat/towel at the check in table.)


Self-Defense Instructor: Ashley Gilmer

Ashley Gilmer is a Chief Instructor and 2nd Degree Blackbelt with Revolution Martial Arts. Revolution Martial Arts is a Taekwondo school located in Canton, Ga. They are dedicated to providing the best instruction in a fun and safe family friendly environment. With classes offered for ages 3 and up, we offer something everyone in the family can benefit from!

Self Defense Instruction: The class will cover basic awareness and self defense drills and tactics. We are going to have fun, but learn how to defend ourselves as well!