Trips, Retreats, and Events

  One of the best ways for a person to get to know others is by going on a trip, retreat or other outing together. There’s something about getting away from what’s “normal” and breaking out of our comfort zones that helps us bond together a little faster and more easily.



This year we will be going to the Laughing Bear Lodge and it is going to be epic! 
Some special amenities include: A gameroom, A fire pit, indoor basketball court, and much more. We can take up to 40 people so friends are welcome!  We are hoping this well be a time of fun, with great fellowship, and closeness to God. The site is about an hour and a half away. 
When: March 15-17  Cost: $125.00
What else is needed: EmergencyForm
When is everything due? March 15th. 
When do you need to know you are coming: As soon as possible but March 1st at the latest. 
If you would like to come please let me know you will be attending by shooting me an email or text. We will be leaving the church at 6pm on March 15 – arriving back around Noon on March 17th. 
If money is an issue please come speak to me and we can work something out. I do not want money to be an issue. Also is there is a major scheduling conflict that cant be resolved and you want to come up later on Friday or Saturday morning we can arrange that.. I just need to know. 
This is going to be an amazing trip, cant wait to go! Sign up TODAY! 
In the grip of grace, 
Nick Yother 
Test a message to the number “81010” In the message field type ” @hfumyf ”   Nick Yother 

Study Group

Join us for this 13 week study starting September 5!  If you are interested in signing up please contact Nick Yother

Mission Trips

Hickory Flat Church participates in some pretty powerful and amazing missions throughout each year. Many of these mission opportunities are available to junior high youth (6th-8th grades) and senior high youth (9th-12th grades).
A mission trip is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences you could take, and we hope you will consider going. Jesus said we must serve others. In fact, he told a parable about how, when we help people in need, we are truly serving and helping the Christ.
When you come and participate on a mission trip you will encounter the Christ. You will meet him in some very unexpected places, and, if you allow him, He will use you for some very amazing ministry.