Youth Ministry

Ministry Mission:


To provide an ideal environment for God to develop a living relationship with Jesus Christ in teenagers. 

We take very seriously the privilege and responsibility of being in ministry to youth. Our vision of youth ministry is more than simply entertaining teenagers and more than solely reaching out to 6th through 12th graders. Instead, we emphasize opportunities for youth and adults to serve together in ministry to the world and to be leaders in ministry within the community of faith.

Our desire is for all youth—within our church family and throughout the community—to experience God’s love and grace, to know what it means to be a precious child of God, to discover and develop the gifts and grace which they bring to the work of the kingdom, to pursue holiness, and to live out God’s love in the world.


We will help that happen by providing faith environments – places and opportunities for God’s Holy Spirit to bring change and renewal into the lives of teenagers.

​Weekly Youth Happenings

Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group & Small Groups

Youth Group is from 6:00-7:30p Every Wednesday! Students in 6th-12th grade can come and experience great fellowship, fun games, engaging worship, and small groups. This is a great place to connect to the church as a teen. 

​Special Events 



One of the best ways for a person to get to know others is by going on a trip or retreat together. There’s something about getting away from what’s “normal” and breaking out of our comfort zones that helps us bond together a little faster and more easily.


Mission Trips

A mission trip is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences you could take, and we hope you will consider going. Jesus said we must serve others. In fact, he told a parable about how, when we help people in need, we are truly serving and helping the Christ. When you come and participate on a mission trip you will encounter the Christ. You will meet him in some very unexpected places, and, if you allow him, He will use you for some very amazing ministry.



More than just a series of classes, confirmation is a time to explore your faith, to grapple with some of the tough questions, and to get to know yourselves and your church a bit better. This is the process of you taking your faith into your own hands. Confirmands will learn to be fully engaged in the life of the church through worship, service, small groups, and involvement in other ministries. Every confirmand will be matched a sponsor and will learn about her/his faith experience as a mentor. 


If you have any questions or concerns about the class please feel free to email Nick Yother.


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Sunday Mornings

Youth Grow Group in D1 Trailer from


This is a time for us to dive deeper into the word of God. 

Wednesday Evenings

Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group – 6:00p-7:30pm every Wednesday.

Wednesday nights focus on fellowship for Jr. & Sr. High students. This is a time when friends can come together to play games, hang out, and worship together. Youth are encouraged to bring friends.