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Homeless Ministry Update


I thought it was time for an update on the Homeless Ministry. 


In February and March on the second Saturday of the month we had a small team go down to Atlanta and a few camps in Cherokee County to serve the Homeless. [We missed January because half of our delivery team had Covid – all is well!] It was cold and wet, so we distributed Blankets, Coats and Sweatshirts along with Hot Soup, Food and Hygiene Bags of Grace. We are always well received, and the presence of Jesus is with us. In February we had one man come forward and he wanted to receive Jesus Christ in his heart and become a follower. So, we walked him through the steps of excepting Jesus in his heart as Lord and Savior, and now he is a brother in Christ. Please keep John Tidwell in your prayers for God’s Grace and Direction.


Some may wonder what the Homeless Ministry is about – 

It is about a warm blanket or sweatshirt when it is cold, a warm cup of soup or hotdog or peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you are hungry, a clean pair of socks, saying someone's name and listening, sharing a prayer or the word of God, a simple act of kindness; it is about Jesus's followers touching others with His presence - this is what the Homeless Ministry is about.


In the last 21 years God’s servants, the members of Hickory Flat Church and other churches have touched the hearts of over 37,000 Homeless men and women (and some children). Last year we missed two (2) months because of COVID, but then realized that COVID did not stop the need but only increased the need for the Homeless, so with prayer we started back, and we served approximately 1,200 homeless men and women.


What is new for the HFUMC Homeless Ministry?

We are active supporters of the Homeless Coalition Cherokee County. In mid-2019, a group of United Methodist Churches in Cherokee County, recognized the growing Homeless population in Cherokee County and were lead to create an organization which would 1st get to know of who are the homeless and what are the needs and at the same time, get to know who are the existing organizations that are now serving the needs of the Homeless in Cherokee County and then try to create the ‘Gap’ programs that fill in the missing needs and to connect all the resources, without duplication, to Lovingly help individuals and families to a more fruitful life off the streets, out of car or warehouse or a camp. As these ‘Gap’ programs are identified and established, we hope to be prepared to step in and fill in some of these needs. The first ‘Gap’ program that has been initiated by the HCCC is called ‘Project Roof’.

Project Roof is working with Must Ministries, to fill temporary housing needs until Must Ministries can locate individuals or families in a better housing situation as healing and growth takes place.   


How does the Homeless Ministry work? How can I help?

It takes the hands and feet of many in small and large ways. 

  • Some collect soaps and shampoos from when they travel and donate these.

  • Blankets are donated every Christmas and as hearts are lead along with Coats and Sweatshirts.

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are made for every trip downtown [2nd Saturday of the month].

  • Food Supplies such as Hotdogs, Buns, Chips, Banana’s, Lemonade are donated for every trip downtown [2nd Saturday of the month].

  • Homemade soup is prepared every Saturday during the colder months [October – April].

  • Hygiene Kits are assembled [approximately 120 each month] before each trip. This is often completed by Boy Scout and Girl Scouts, during VBS or as others are lead.

  • Socks are donated during Easter and as some are lead [we hand out approximately 1,600 pairs in a year.]

  • Donation of a Van for our travels.

  • A team of individuals [approximately 6 – 10 people] every 2nd Saturday gather to prepare the food and pack out for our trips out.

  • A team of individuals [approximately 4 – 8] every 2nd Saturday gather to go and serve the Homeless.

  • Above and beyond the tithe giving for the Homeless Ministry.

  • Donations of Books and Bibles.

  • Donations of Reading Glasses.

  • Someone to give a devotion before we deploy to serve.

  • Prayer warriors for the Homeless and team.


If you would like more information, please contact Craig W. Sollenberger at


Thanks to all that help and pray for the Homeless.


Below is our prayer list from our last two [2] trips – please take several minutes and pray for the Homeless by name and for their need.


Thanks, and God Bless,




Please pray for – a better and growing relationship with Jesus, forgiveness, healing [physically, mentally, spiritually and relationally], daily bread, jobs, homes, a hedge of Protection, Peace, Joy, supernatural power of Love of and by God in their lives – Tony, Mike, Michael, Mac, Matt, Bryant, Erick, Anthony, Sleepy, Jimmy, ‘Pig’, Ken, Derrick Wilson, John, Victor, Sherry, Eric, Don, Calm, Johnny, Bennett, Allen, Adams, Demetris, Peaches, Mariah, Cold Feet, John Tidwell, Curtis, Roosevelt, Adrian Knocks, Kenya, Umohetteho, John[Zen], Terry, Corey, Stephanie, Anemia, Shaggy, Jay, Richardo & Robin, Judy, Patricia, John, Jerry, Sharon, Jamorrow, Richard, Gary, Rick, Gary, Lee, Fernando, Kiza, Tony, John, Donald, Banks, John, John, Lorenzo, Frederick, McKenzie, Ardis, Paul, Roddey, Eddie, Vincent, Corey, Gregory, Solomon, Ryan, Mike [family, provision – size 12 tennis shoes], Flat, unnamed[asleep], Michael, Gavin, Lee, Encory, Tip, Smokey, Sammy, Dave, ‘Post off’, Latwan, Abebone, Fitzgerald, Jackson, LD, Michael[family], Robert, Cynthia, Lady, Shannon, Robert[healing, forgiveness, find you], Mr. Benny, Ernest, Tevin, Reggie, Lassalle, Wayne, Eric, Gary, Gaylon, Chris, Artis Powell, Cup Cake[Melissa], Patricia, Gregory Zachery, Louise, Philly Gordon, Walter, Princess, Malcolm, David, Allen, Chris, Frederick, Michael[DQ/ size8shoe], Ryan & Michele, Rob Melton [Veteran/needs a phone], Dave, Corey, unnamed.