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Stephen Ministry

Who we are:

  • Christian caregivers who have completed 50 hours of specialized training

  • Ordinary members of the congregation, not professional pastors or counselors

  • People who come alongside to listen and support hurting people during life’s rough patches

What we offer:

  • A listening ear

  • A caring heart

  • A ready shoulder to share the load

  • Prayer

  • A loving Savior


How we Serve:

  • Visit an individual care receiver, usually once a week for about an hour

  • Keep the caring relationship and all discussion therein confidential

  • Offer longer-term distinctively Christian care for adults struggling with “normal” crises and trauma: separation or divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, illness, recovery from surgery, childbirth and its complications, life transitions, etc.

  • Stay accountable through regular peer supervision, maintaining strict confidentiality in the process

  • Pray consistently for our particular care receivers


The boundaries of the Stephen Ministry relationship:

  • We are not professional counselors

  • We cannot offer babysitting, errand-running, meal preparation, legal advice, etc.

  • Stephen Ministry is a volunteer, formalized relationship which continues until both parties agree about closure.

  • We minister only to same-sex, individual adults, not to children, youth, couples or families.

  • You do not need to be a church member in order to request a Stephen Minister.

Holding Hands
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